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Household washing machines versus Laundromat versus Laundry & Ironing Service

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Should you buy a household washer and dryer, use a laundromat, or sign up for a laundry service? This blog serves to give you the basic pros and cons of each choice.

Household washer and dryers

As the name implies, household washers and dryers are smaller versions of the laundry machines you're used to seeing. They typically have a 24-inch width, with much less capacity. The dryers are also usually ventless and sometimes have specialized outlets for their companion washers to get power.

However, not everyone can afford the upfront expense. Getting a household laundry set is the most expensive solution initially. Typically they will cost you about $900, double that if you want the accompanying dryer. After buying the set, it'll cost you about $1.40 a load, including detergent.

You should also know that household washers and dryers tend to be way slower than their laundromat and full-sized commercial cousins. We're talking about three hours from the time you put it in the washer to the time you take it out of the dryer. That's faster than a laundry service, but way slower than a laundromat. Combine slow cycle times with small capacity–around a basket and a half–and you'll have to do laundry at least several times a week for a small family.

Household washers and dryers also can be prone to technical problems as many of them have increasing electronics and gadgetry. Today it can be difficult, costly and frustrating getting them fixed.

Of the three major options for tiny home laundry, laundromats are the fastest, even when taking travel into account. Typically, you'll find washers like offered by the major retail chain stores available for use. On the other hand laundromat washers use a lot of water and have short cycle times.

Obviously if you have a laundry at home, it can be convenient to do the washing whilst you do other things around the house.

Large items such as doonas, blankets and curtains are too big for most household washing machines and dryers. They are better managed in large commercial machines offered by your local dry cleaner, such as the Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub.

Having a washer and dryer at home, often translates into a build up of dirty laundry that never seems to diminish. This leads to frustration and stress as family members always seem to adding dirty laundry to the pile that builds up in the laundry.


Laundromat machines have larger commercial machines designed to be operated with quicker cycle times. As customers generally wait for their laundry to be done, machines are designed to reduce cycle times whilst maximising cleaning. They use a lot more water and they are designed to run 24/7. The machines are more durable and have bigger drums and bearings etc. Laundromats also have larger 15 kg washing machines and dryers that can handle bigger items such as doonas' and blankets etc.

Laundromats provide a convenient service to get on top of the dirty laundry. Simply take your mound of dirty laundry to a laundromat to "blitz it". In a matter of hours you can have your washing done, folded and ready for the wardrobe, which is difficult to be done at home.

Laundromats provide folding tables and even offer you a free coffee these days. Price is about $6 per 10 kg washing load and drying is extra.

Whilst you wait for washing to be done in a laundromat, it is a good time to get on top of those text messages and emails on your mobile. So, the benefit can be be twofold. Laundromats these days also offer the opportunity to watch the footy or view the telly.

Laundry and Ironing services

This is for people who really hate doing laundry and/ or ironing, people who don't have the time. Those who are time poor and don't have the energy or will.

Laundry and ironing service offers free collection and delivery as part of the service.

Laundry and ironing services have become very popular in developed countries where families are short in time with busy schedules or travel a lot. In large cities many spend 3 hours commuting to work and back. They don't have the time.

This service means that someone else does your laundry and/or ironing. Studies have shown it can save as much as 14 hours per week for a large family. Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub has 24 hour turn around offering with free collection and delivery.

Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub offers a service that takes your dirty clothes and returns them clean 24 hours later–for $5.50 per kilo. Ironing is only $3 per item.

For many saving an hour or two a week is worth the cost of a laundry or ironing service.

As the old adage goes, time is money. What is an hour of your precious personal time worth to you? When is it worth it, to hire help at a much lower cost than you value your valuable personal time?

Is it better to prioritize your time, and hire help for those tasks that you find stressful, an irritant and time consuming? It is true for most, that you could be better off spending your time, prioritizing other more important activities, and assigning help for lesser activities that you don't have the time! 

Don't work harder and longer hours which will burn you out, rather, work more effectively and focus your energies to release time for rest and recuperation, to name one important activity. Stress is a killer.

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