We specialize in dry cleaning high value garments that many other dry cleaners are unable to handle. All garments are thoroughly examined before they are dry cleaned and only the highest quality solvents are used during the dry cleaning process. Your finest gowns, chiffons, silks, sequined, beaded and hand painted fabrics are safe and in the hands of the experts at the Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub.

At the Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub we understand the importance and sentiment behind your precious wedding dress.
To preserve and protect your most cherished dress it is important that you have it professionally cleaned by a specialist and packaged for safe storing. We have specialist experience and revolutionary eco-friendly cleaning methods, we are able to care for every type of dress, tackle the most difficult stains, and hand finish the most delicate materials. 

We specialise in cleaning & finishing of high value garments. Those suitable for formal social events, weddings, gala dinners, race horse events, black tie, morning dress & special occasions. The difference is our attention to detail and quality assurance guarantee.