In House Tailor, Repairs & Alterations

DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY HUB offers service in altering, repairing and adjusting clothing for men, women, children, seniors and even infants. Our tailoring staff is extensively trained to perform major alterations including recuts (for coats and pants), sides and blades, as well as resizing dresses. We will replace zippers, shorten sleeves, repair straps, resew buttons, shorten or lengthen hems, or anything that you wish to be altered or repaired. DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY HUB is renowned for immaculate attention to detail and professional service.

We offer professional tailoring & alterations service:


*Tops * Suits * Formal Dresses * Trousers * Evening Wear * Skirts * Wedding Dresses * Shirts * Jeans •Custom Made Clothing * Beaded Dresses * Leather & Suede


* Waist in/out•Crotch in/out * Sides in/out * Restyling * Shorten Shoulder * Sleeves Shortened * Hem & Rehemming * Dress Hem * Re-cuts * Add/Remove Buttons * Replace Lining * Replace Buttons * Taper Sleeves/Dresses * Shorten Coat



* Patch up Jeans * Lower Collar * Replace Zippers * Shorten Collar * Jeans Original Hem * Taper Legs

* Re-weave * Lower Waist

If you can't find what you require in the list above, please call us on (08) 9309 3809 or visit us at DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY HUB, 5/54 PRINDIVILLE DRIVE,  WANGARA. We can cater to most tailoring and alteration needs. We offer TLC for those favorite garments of yours.