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Small Business Advantages to Using Commercial Laundry Services

Many small businesses make use of linens on a regular basis. From an independently owned bed and breakfast or restaurant to a small, out-patient surgical center, linens and uniforms are common, re-usable supplies that serve a vital function in a variety of small business settings. They may be used as part of the décor in a restaurant, to provide your patients with comfort, or to make your employees look great. As a small business owner knows, you always have to make sure your business is represented with quality products and professional employees. It is also critical to make decisions that boost productivity, while lower costs. Clean Care Linen Service offers your business a number of key benefits that can help your small business run smoothly and improve your company’s profitability.

Productivity and Efficiency Without the use of commercial laundry services to clean your business’ linens, they must be cleaned in-house by your own staff. The process of sorting the linens, loading them into the washer, transferring them to the dryer, ironing them (hopefully), folding them and packing them in your business space can be very expensive. This whole process requires a tremendous amount of energy and water. You will also need to purchase product, chemicals, machines, parts and more. In fact, this is a process that may require multiple full time employees for even the smallest of businesses. Further, it must be completed perfect on a daily basis or your business can come to a complete stop. By outsourcing this task to a commercial laundry service, you and your employees can spend your days servicing customers and tending to more important business matters that are worthy of your skills, time and money.

Helping the Environment and Save on Utilities In addition to the cost of buying the equipment and supplies as well as maintaining and repairing the equipment, you should consider that these machines will use a significant less energy and water to operate. By using less water, this means less water will be discharged into the local environment. You can effectively keep energy and water costs for your business low by outsourcing your linen cleaning needs to a third party laundry.

Eliminating Compliance Concerns Depending on your industry, an added benefit associated with outsourcing your laundry is ensuring that your linens are cleaned according to local, federal and OSHA regulations. Most businesses are required to meet certain cleaning guidelines, and failure to meet these guidelines can be costly. For example, OSHA dictates how linen for a medical center should be cleaned. By using a commercial linen cleaning service, you can avoid the hassle and costs associated with ensuring your linens are cleaned according to regulations.

Using a commercial linen and laundry service enables you to improve productivity with your workers, allowing them to use their skills more effectively. Further, the many costs of owning and using your own commercial cleaning equipment should be analyzed fully, as these expenses will be eliminated from your budget if you choose to outsource linen cleaning to a third party. These financial benefits are coupled with the ability to eliminate the risk of non-compliance of linen cleaning regulations.

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