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Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub offers free coffee in their laundromat

Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub is a laundromat and a coffee bar at the same time. While the washing machine is doing the work, customers can relax in the lounge and order a FREE COFFEE. Laundromats already have a function as social places, but that role did never really evolve. In the past we tried to understand the laundromat as a social community place, pinpointing it as the rest room of the ‘global village’ and a celebration of metropolitan lifestyle.

Wash & Coffee could be the first step towards a new generation of laundromats, simply because the formula is perfect. The annoying process of waiting is being transformed into a pleasant stay. Together with a strong online performance (presence on social media) and activities being organized such as stand-up comedy nights and Halloween parties, this concept is definitely well taken care of. Also the core business (washing the clothes) is pretty intelligent — the laundromat is outfitted with energy efficient programmable washers and dryers. IT'S ABOUT WASH AND COFFEE AT THE DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY HUB. The staff is dedicated to answering laundry questions and providing tips regarding proper care of clothing.

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