What does a "green" dry cleaner or wet cleaning mean?

Let us explain.

Dry cleaning isn’t dry at all. Historically, most dry cleaners facilities soak items in a chemical called perchloriethylene, or "perc" for short.


Exposure to perc is associated with a variety of adverse human health effects. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a unit of the World Health Organization, has designated perc as a probable human carcinogen. The most direct risk is to dry-cleaning workers, who may inhale perc vapors or spill it on their skin while handling clothes or cleaning equipment. Perc is also regarded as non biodegradable and waste has to be removed by accredited waste disposal service providers.

You will be glad to know that the Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub does not use perc. The Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub has adopted an alternative dry cleaning process which is regarded as green, eco-friendly and a far more safer option. 


Simplified definition of a green dry cleaner or wet cleaner is that they avoid the use of chemical solvents such as perc. The entire process is called "wet cleaning". Compared to historical usage of perc, this new process is considered environmentally friendly and a green alternative. Thanks to the sensitive machinery and specialised detergents and conditioners that are used in wet cleaning, waste is biodegradable and the process offers an equally effective method of cleaning clothing. The Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub uses wet cleaning as it choice of dry cleaning process.

The Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub's aim to be as socially aware as possible, and we have taking steps to play our part in protecting the planet. Our resources on the Earth are limited and too much waste is heading to landfill.


Check out some of the other steps we've taken to reduce our carbon footprint:


FREE Pickup and delivery service to reduce carbon emissions

As well as being convenient for our customers, the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Hub offers pickup and delivery service is also a fantastic way to cut your carbon footprint. Instead of you making a special trip to and from the dry cleaners just to take care of your dry cleaning, we’ll come to you to pick up your dirty clothes and return them in pristine condition.


We’re encouraging all of our customers to take advantage of this service, because the more that do, the less traffic congestion there will be on the roads and the fewer toxic emissions that will be released into the environment. It’s simple, instead of multiple cars heading to and from the same store, there’ll be one efficient vehicle taking care of everything.

Using biodegradable poly bags and VIP cloth bags to reduce plastic waste

For a long time, plastic bags have been used freely within the dry cleaner industry, but not anymore. Did you know that plastic bags take between 400 to 1,000 years to disintegrate? And that is just an estimate as we have yet to see a plastic bag biodegrade. Even scarier, a single dry cleaner is likely to throw away up to 100,000 plastic bags a year – industry wide, that’s the equivalent of 486 million dollars worth of plastic bags!

To put an end to this wastefulness and prevent any more plastic bags lining landfills, the Dry Cleaning Laundry Hub have made the switch to biodegradable poly plastic bags. They work just as well but are made from organic materials instead of the traditionally used petroleum and they biodegrade at a much quicker rate.

As well as our upgraded plastic bags, we are also offering a VIP bag service. Instead of any sort of plastic being used at all, your clothes will be returned to you in a cloth bag which can be reused time and time again. This is the perfect option for the truly environmentally conscious.